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Third transport with aid to Persecuted Christians

Our third transport of aid to persecuted, who fund refuge in Kurdistan left Rzeszow on February 2nd. To load a truck helped us again Fire Department Unites from Rzeszow and area. We are very grateful to FireDepartment for help. Special thanks to all donors of clothes, blankets, bedding's from all Poland.

Help got to Kurdistan on February 10th. Workers of Barzani Foundation unloaded truck in Dohuk and next they transported aid to Sinjar area on Nineveh Valley. This historical and biblical place which was rescued from ISIS by Kurdish Army. Our aid did help refugees, who were trapped in Mountains.

International bank transfer

Name: SOS DLA ZYCIA (SOS For Life Foundation)
Address: Al. Wyzwolenia 21/61

Postal Code: 35-501
Town: Rzeszow

Country: Poland


Bank Address:
Name of Bank: Citi Handlowy
Address: ul. Tadeusza Rejtana 23
Postal Code: 35-326
Town: Rzeszow
Country: Poland

Account in PLN - PL08 1030 0019 0109 8530 0041 9892
Account in EUR - PL31 1030 0019 0109 7860 1008 9843
Account in USD - PL02 1030 0019 0108 4060 1104 0355
Account in GBP - PL43 1030 0019 0108 2660 1401 0055
Account in CAD ​​- PL28 1030 0019 0101 2462 1690 0144

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