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Fourth transport with aid to Persecuted Christians

During Holy Week we delivered aid to Persecuted, who fund refuge in south of Iraq in province of Najaf. Majority of people are Shia Muslims, who are under persecution from ISIS as well. There are also Christians in minority in the refugee camps. There are mostly women (widows) and children.

We have contact with medical doctor Sana'a Al Mosawi, who takes care of refugees. She is also member of provincial council of Najaf in charge of religion committee. Few days before our flight with aid, we got message from doctor Sana'a that there is scabies disease and that they need clean bedding and clothes. Thanks to so many donors from allover Poland we had good part of bedding and clothes, especially for children in our stock.

Loading of aid in Rzeszow with help from Fire Department from Rzeszow and area.

This is great Grace of the Lord Jesus, that we were able to deliver this aid in Holy Week to refugees among whom there are Christians in that region. This region is very poor in humanitarian aid, especially from Christians.

Medical and humanitarian aid delivers there doctor Sana'a, she is organizing to Christians feasts as well.

On airplane with goods.

Delivered aid was possible thanks to Polish Defense Ministry and Polish Foreign Ministry and Polish Air Force.

We are very thankful to Polish soldiers from Polish Air Force for delivering our aid and representatives from our Foundation and PFM.

Unloading at the airport in Baghdad.

Airplane after unloading.

Foundation SOS FOR LIFE receives an award from government of Najaf presented by doctor Sana'a Al Mosawi.

Doctor Sana'a with representatives of government of Najaf receives delivered aid and transports to Najaf to refugees

On way back. Our soldiers. Representatives of Foundation Fr. Tomasz Jegieski and Tomasz Szafrański and representative of Polish Foreign Ministry Jan Hofmokl.

International bank transfer

Name: SOS DLA ZYCIA (SOS For Life Foundation)
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Country: Poland


Bank Address:
Name of Bank: Citi Handlowy
Address: ul. Tadeusza Rejtana 23
Postal Code: 35-326
Town: Rzeszow
Country: Poland

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